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On the “OFF” fandom…

So I started the game a few weeks back but stopped when that walking glitch after the tram happened and I still have to start over but that’s another story.

I see a lot of pictures of the Batter with no eyes, or with eye brows and coal lines, but no eyes. Which always confused me because I think, I’m the only one who sees the Batters avatar and

I just thought he had his eyes closed and raised eyebrows? Like I’ve tried making my mind see it the other way and I can’t do it. He’s just got this stuck-up look of “Yes, I am the Purifier, what do you want now peasants.”

Also, everyone likes to portray the Batter with his cap pulled over his eyes when in the picture it’s like we’re looking up under his cap, so it’s like We can always see his face anyway. But I guess it’s to make him carry that air of mystery.

tl;dr : Batter has eyes to me, they’re just always shut.

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so my boyfriend

a man I’ve given my life and heart to and stayed strong in life for

just told me he doesn’t love me anymore

he’s breaking up with me

I guess that settles that then

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Mutha Fuckin' SOPA Is Back! (Aug. 23, 2013)







Can you believe this shit? When we finally get one off our backs, they try and bring up another bill AGAIN. We already said no to the first one, so why do they think that this is any better?

For those of you who don’t know what SOPA is, it was a bill back in 2011 that the govn’t tried to pass that said that posting any copyrighted music or even COVERS of said music would be considered a felony. A. FELONY.

Sign the petition below, and let’s keep our internet the way we like it.


not only the action of posting covers would be a felony, but also making fanart and writing fanfiction. Please, guys. It only takes a moment to make an account and click a button. If you’ve ever made a cover, drawn fanart, or written fanfic, or enjoyed any of the above, PLEASE go sign this petition.

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So if you’re in a fandom, you’re basically screwed. I don’t know how Tumblr hasn’t imploded because of this.

Some times I think that the stereotype of young people being apathetic is directly related to the fact that no one listens when we say ‘knock it off.’ Times like this, I think I’m pretty damn certain.

Actually, I forgot to comment about this.

The reason why Tumblr hasn’t imploded about this is because, well kids, people really ARE as stupid and apathetic as you think they are.

It takes some REAL coaxing to get people to care about things other than penises and cats and other trifling, unnecessary things that can survive perfectly capable without their gawking and cooing. 

People in the masses are dumbasses.

Because not one person will take the time to sit down and think and actually READ what’s awfully important. 

Let me break it down, followers for I feel most of you are perfectly capable, free thinking folks that actually has some life in the gray mater in your calcium husk.

  1. All that OTP, OT3, BFFships, shipping/armadas that you have accumulated over the years of really enjoying something and being a fan, it’s going to fucking disappear. All. Of. Your. Precious. Websites (some questionable, some popular, some obscure). That cater. To your kinks. About your favorite pairing. Will. FUCKING. D-I-S-A-P-P-E-A-R. Yes, fanfiction.net will go down. Adultfanfiction.net will go down (painfully). AO3 (archive of our own, for those who don’t know) will go down. ANY. AND. ALL. FANFICTION. WILL. D-I-S-A-P-P-E-A-R. And not only that, kids. The authors, probably totally innocent human beings (I use “innocent” very loosely), fans JUST LIKE YOU are now felons. That means, kids… FANFICTION AUTHORS. WILL BE GRADED. THE SAME WAY. A FELON WOULD. BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY ENJOYED SOMETHING SO MUCH THAT IT STIMULATED THEIR CREATIVE SPIRIT TO TAKE THE TIME AND BUILD UP THAT RESUME TO GAIN CARPAL TUNNEL BECAUSE THEY LOVE SOMETHING TO ACTUALLY EITHER TYPE IT OR PEN-TO-PAPER IT OR DO FUCKING BOTH.
  2. You know those… beautiful webcomics that sometimes caters to and blends in all of your favorite things? The one that immediately pops in my mind is Grim Tales From Down Below and PPG:D (all Snafu content). KISS THOSE GOOD-BYE. It’s going in the incinerator. 
  3. Oh, also… I know most of you have favorite artists from around the art WWW world. I fucking love Blackstorm and I REALLY fucking love EarlGreyxx. Blackstorm makes by far the sexiest gotdamn IchiGrimm art I’ve ever seen in my life. EarlyGreyxx is a surgeon with Pokemon gijinkas (gijinkas = the humanization of animals/things). THEY TOO. WILL BE. LABELED. AS FELONS. FOR SIMPLY DOING SOMETHING THEY LOVE. WHICH IS CATER TO YOU (for they’re sharing this art for the world to see) AND CATER TO THEMSELVES (‘cause let’s face it, art is very selfish and self-fulfilling). IT. WILL. BE. I-L-L-E-G-A-L. Kiss all those art sites you believe to your heart of hearts to be better than deviantart INCLUDING deviantart that last kiss goodnight ‘cause  they’re all gonna get fuckin’ buried. That includes e-shuushuu.net simply because it CARRIES the fanart.
  4. Take the time to watch this balloon, think how far this will balloon. You may think it won’t effect you. What about those MLP:FIM figurines you love so much made by somebody other than the folks who own MLP:FIM? IT’S GONE. Those gorge art pieces featuring you with somebody of fiction that you took the time and money to pay for? IT’S GONE (by the way, you’re probably gonna be considered a felon for simply promoting this art by buying it from the artist who is also now a felon). Those awesome cross-over pieces that circulate around Tumblr? Disney meets Pokemon? Digimon meets Attack On Titan? Pokemon meets EVERYTHING UNDER THE FUCKING BLACK SUN (and the glow cloud)? You will… never… see it… again… Plain and simple.

Think of all those times when a simple fucking picture of your favorite thing brightened an otherwise shitty day. 

Think of all those times fanfiction probably saved you from going to a deep and dark place that you felt you couldn’t escape, remember that little window of light making you smile through your tears.

Think of all those times role-playing simply in the same UNIVERSE as your favorite thing made you feel like you could fly if only for a moment.

But then again, since this won’t get nearly as much attention as a picture of a kitten or a vulture or a penis or vagina or whatever, I guess you don’t give a fuck. 

And the government is gonna continuously prey on that fact: You don’t give a fuck.

Keep in mind kids, the ones who give less than a fuck than you is forever gonna be the gotdamn government.

Stay stupid, kids.

Love ya.

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